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Lower left chest pain?

Hello , I’ve been suffering from lower left chest pain , under left breast, it’s pretty chronic and gets worse with Heavy meals or position. I also experience cramp like symptoms in that area like a soreness. I have bellching episodes , shoulder pain and just discomfort.  I’ve had ECG , cat scan , thallium stress test , X-ray , echo cardio gram , ultrasound of the entire area.  I’m not what rude todo. Was given gabpectin , I take aspirin , and Lipitor.   Anyone else have something similar?
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Have you had cardiac mri?  Barium swallow?  endoscopy?
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Hello I’ve had cat scan , stress test nuclear test , ultrasound.  X rays ,   Endoscope. ...No barium swallow  
What did they say on endoscopy?

Just check pain or dyspnea too?
nothing much, small hernia , and irritation    nothing major
the funny thing is i wake up in the morning with it , no food   for 10 hours sometimes....almost like a muscle pull, but organ like in nature.
Believe it or not it could be the hernia.

It could be other things as well.

Id also have a rhc with exercise.

And a coronay cta.

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