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MR and TR

I suffer from hypertension for the last 2 years+, I regularly take medicines CONCOR5 (cardiobeta-blocker and hypertension treatment ) and PRETRAX(for hypertension)..
I am not sportive.. and rarely exercise and i have a desk work

last week I made a checkup with stress ECG and Doubler Eco (ultrasound) and the report notes that everything is normal but i have trivial MR and trivial TR ?

I understand the term of that valve leaking.. but
1-what are the possible consequences?
2- shall i lose weight, play sports?
3- must I have a surgery? ...
4- what is the treatment if any?

is this TR and MR chronic? or just comes and goes?

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The last echocardiogram that I had revealed that I have a slight valve leakage which they said was normal in a heart of a 44 year old.  As we age, the valves will leak slightly and can increase in leaking or decrease get better on their own.  Many, many people that I have spoken with have said that their valves got better on their own.  When valves are bad there are symptoms of shortness of breath.  You will be will aware of it if is happens to you.  Make sure that your blood pressure stays down and that will help so that your heart does not have pressure on it for years, which can cause the valve problems and enlarged heart due to the increased work load. Eat healthy organic fruit and vegetables and limited or stop eating red meat.  My doctor told me to avoid red meat if possible because of our family history of heart disease and cancer.  I stopped eating beef 12 years ago and it was my favorite.  My cholesterol dropped dramatically from that.  I eat only pork about once or every two months.  Otherwise, we have a lot of vegetarian meals and salmon.  My LDL is 79, HDL 54, and Triglycerides 35 now.  Before the elimination of beef my LDL was 129, HDL 52.  Doctor usually want the LDL 100 or below and the HDL as high as you can get it.      
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thank you so much for your words..
I am 34 years old, married with 2 kids.. i am from Egypt, and I am Muslim so I can not eat port.. so what do you mean by red meat?? can i eat fish, chicken, ...etc?

Also my problem is that i am so afraid because i have heart problem history in my family.. my dad and uncle died of heart attacks.. and i am so nervous and extremely panic that i sometimes feel that i can not talk my breath.. and after i measure my BP and find it 120/80mmHg.. i relax to normal.. do you have any idea about the psychological effect on such valves??
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