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MRI Results..

Findings: Normal biventricular size, wall motion and global systolic
function. Normal first pass perfusion imaging. Viability imaging shows
faint linear and punctate mid myocardial enhancement. Trace
pericardial fluid. Soft tissue in anterior mediastinum likely
represents residual thymus.

LV measurements:
End-diastolic volume = 148 ml
End systolic volume = 43 ml
Stroke-volume = 105 ml
ejection fraction = 71%
LV mass = 52 g.

RV measurements:
End-diastolic volume = 166 ml
End systolic volume = 68 ml
Stroke-volume = 97 ml
ejection fraction = 59%.

Result Impression Impression:
1. Normal biventricular chamber size, wall motion and global systolic
function. Viability imaging shows faint nonischemic enhancement, which
could represent old inflammation, primary cardiomyopathy or fibrosis.
2. No MRI criteria for ARVC.

I was wondering about the faint nonischemic enhancement would mean??  Is it something that is a cause of concern?

Thank you!
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It is a nonspecific finding that simply means there may have been some global inflammation of your heart at some point in the past, or it is just some artifact which may be a normal variant.  It is called nonischemic enhancement because it does NOT indicate a lack of blood flow to part of the heart suggesting any blockages in your coronary arteries (which would be ischemic enhancement).  My recommendation would be to discuss these findings with your cardiologist so they can be interpreted in your particular clinical setting.  Best of luck.
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