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MVP and Arrythmia

Posted By Amanda on May 07, 1999 at 13:58:14
I have MVP with symptoms.  I understand that this is a very common problem in women and seems to be nothing to worry about.  However, I have some serious palpatations in my chest that tend to worry me.  At times it seems as though my heart is actually bouncing off my lungs.  I can feel the movement by placing my hand on my chest just below my left breast.
I am very active, running, kickboxing, weight lifting etc and recently I have started a nightly series of push ups.  When I get in bed after doing my push ups I tend to lay on my left side and my heart really jumps around.  I have been listening to my heart with my stethescope and the arrythimias have me a little worried.  My heart sounds like the sound of running horse hooves then its fine then it changes back to the running horse.  When it jumps it sounds like it skips a beat.  What has me the most worried is that at times my heart seems to stop or pause for several seconds and when it begins again I can feel pressure in my carotid arteries as if blood has pooled in my heart and now being forced out causing more pressure.
Is all of this normal and ok or should I be worried.  
Thanks for your help.

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