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MVP but EP found PSVT

Hi :
I am 42 yrs old and had my hear rate go up at age 29 , suddelnly after death of my father , following that they found i have mild MVP< bu then changed that or it may be the same to Trace regurgitaion. I had suddenly , ( never had the racing heart before) started to have a severe bout of tachycardia, where as for a few seconds my heart went from noraml rythm to 140 + beats per minute. It was startlling and very uspetting, and i thought iw ould ahve to call 911. Upon such a spell,  i saw an EP doc and he was ncie, rana  60 day moniter on me and i go results, It says bouts of PSVT, and he said that itsa not oiften enough to have ablation, but i could to determine if it defintely is the supraventricula type and not the other more dangerous.. I no longer swim in the pool,a dn dread anything high in exercise.. its the first time that he caught anythingw  my beats.. which,, i also have several odd like palps that go three times ina row, and new thing..  what can i do to allieviate this..I ahve tried so many things to improve my health. I haven;t smoke din over a yr and also don;t drink..very hard, no drinking.. TY Kit
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