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Hi everyone,

I am so happy to have found this site and see that I am not the only person that was feeling this. Even my doctor looked at me like I had nine heads. I have a couple questions pretaining to this. When I have an attack, it feels like my heart is really weak, like it isnt pumping enough blood through my system, like it is just hanging in there, like it is just about to completley stop. Is this the feeling most of you have?  I am super concerned of this as I am only 20 years old. Like all of you had said Id spend countless cash to have a cure for this...It feels like my heart is going to stop and Id die. I DONT WANT TO DIE. Please respond as to whether or not you feel the same as me. Thank you all for the support as well. Lets find out what this is.

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First I would ask your doctor for a halter monitor. You basically wear a portable EKG machine for 24 hours and whenever you have these episodes you jot down the time in a diary. Then the doctor looks at the EKG during those times and finds if anything unusual is happening. It is really difficult to diagnose these types of  episodes that come and go. But this is a good start. Another thing is that if the results come back good then at least you will have the peace of mind and maybe you can stop worrying. Panic and worrying something makes things worse or even appear there when there may not be a problem, so don't convince yourself that you are going to die.

I had symptoms of chest pain a month ago during an extremely stressful period of my life. I had convinced myself I was having another heart attack and imagined that my vessels had blocked up again. The doctor did a nuclear stress test and the treadmill test and the results showed that everything was fine and infact he said I did better than he had expected. That completely eased my mind and since I wasn't worrying so much about it, my symptoms disappeared the next day. So try to stop worrying but definately do a test or two to find out if anything is wrong.
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I have one hundred percent the same symptom, i know this was posted a while ago.. but did you ever get answers?? I go to a cardiologist soon, but its hard to describe the symptoms! I also have alot of heart skipping beats, all day. Although, my heart feeling weak is more of occasional episodes. I also feel very tired and fatigued. Its been happening about 7 mos. Very scary thing to go through here.
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I have the same issue.  I started feeling this weird tugging & pain on my left side right under my left breast.  After 2 weeks I scheduled a checkup & my ekg & ultrasound all came back normal, then 1 week later I was having this feeling all day long so I went to the emergency room thinking it was a heart attack & they took Xrays, EKG, etc & said all it was was bronchitis and gave me antibiotics and morphine for pain. After taking the antibiotics for a week, the same issue..and it is now about a month later. I was going to take a stress test, but it cost $500 so can't afford that right now, but I just scheduled another checkup with another doctor because someone has got to help me figure this out.  It is not in my mind only. I will post my update
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