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Male/34 Low Total/Free Testosterone and DHEA-S


Recent blood work I had conducted for discerning my symptom of idiopathic fatigue, displayed both my Free and Total Testosterone levels were low.  Total testosterone was 202  (260-1100).  Free testosterone was 30.2 (35.0-155.0).  This is the first time I have ever had them tested.

Also, my doctor tested my DHEA-S level which came back markedly low:  76    I am male in my early 30's.

My symptoms are: chronic fatigue (unexplained)  complete, total (and rather sudden) loss of libido. I have noticed this for the last 6mo, thus desire for blood work.

There are no other variables  (ie medication or medical conditions) that I could state as a possible causing agent.

The only chronic Dx I have had is Subclinical Hyperthyroidism, which is not being treated,
and was dx in 2005.  Labs remain stable.

Past tests completed for the dyskinesia in lower legs:

MRI Brain:   Normal
Nerve Conduction Test of lower right leg:   Normal
CBC W/ Differentials / Complete Metabolic Tests:  Normal - except for a slightly low Red Blood Cell count.

It is also worth mentioning that starting about a year ago, I started experiencing parasthesia /dyskinesia in my lower (front) legs, as well as recently what appears to be a pinched nerve in my left foot.

There is no pain except when showering water is directed to that area, or the area is touched.
The area (nerve) that is bothersome is about 2 inches, and I can feel it  "twitch" about every 30 sec.
This may be an irrelevant symptom, but wanted to mention it.  It also seemed to result about 3mo after a course of Levaquin for a case of bronchitis in 2010.

Could my chronic fatigue be related to low Free and Total T, as well as markedly low
DHEA-S as well as the other issue discussed above -- the unexplained dyskinesia in my lower legs.

I appreciate anyone who might help provide information, suggestions / opinions.
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Unfortunately, this is a medical forum dedicated to heart disease.  You may want to try another medical arena that can address your symptoms and test results -- such as neurology or endocrinology.  However, the best evaluation would be from a licensed physician who can perform a complete history and physical examination.
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