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Medication After Heart Surgery

I have had five arteries by passed and an ascending aorta aneurism repaired.

I had marginal high blood pressure, but not always, in the 130s over the 90s.

My blood pressure so far after surgery has been controlled with a 40mg lasix, furosemide, once a day. I have lost 30lbs since surgery. I attend cardiac rehabilitation where exercise is done for 34 minutes in treadmills bikes, etc. 17 minutes on two of these within an hour with warmup and cool down exercises.

I have gone to two cardiologists. the first, at 4 weeks after surgery, said to take 25mg of metoprolol twice a day.and 10mg of simvastatin once a day.

The second cardiologist gone to, after 7 weeks of surgery, because of wanting another opinion has determined the lasix is keeping my blood pressure down for now and that I only need 20mg of simvastatin once a day. he said he would determine if a beta blocker is needed at my next visit which would be in 3 months.

My surgeon at my after surgery review at six weeks said I should be on a beta blocker.

My question is which is best for me considering the surgery performed on me? Am I at risk for not being on a beta blocker considering the aacending aorta aneurism repair?

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To get my blood pressure down I have been put on a beta blocker, ace inhibitor and a calcium channel blocker.  I think it all depends on your history and what you feel is best.  
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But I should add that there are different reasons for each med.  But, it wasn't until the calcium channel blocker was added that my pressure was finally in control and the heart spasms in check.  Ally
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Thank you for responding.
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