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Medication after heart surgery

I had a aortic valve replacement and two cardicac bypasses in July of 2010. I am taking Spironolactone 25mg, Metropolol 50mg, and Simvastin 40mg for my heart.  Also Oxycodone 240mg per day for back pain and Paxil 20mg for depression. These medications are causing a very dry mouth and resulting in extensive dental carries and associated expense. What is my risk of heart failure or death if I stop taking the heart medications?  If my risk is a 30per cent or so increase I would be willing to stop the medications. If the risk is 80 or 90 percent, then that is another thing althogether.
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Your symptom of dry mouth is likely not related to the heart medications, but instead due to the high-dose of oxycodone and paxil is another culprit for dry mouth.  Spironolactone, metoprolol and simvastatin do not typically cause dry mouth.  I would talk to whoever is prescribing your anti-depressant and look into trying another one.  There are many different anti-depressants.  Also, if possible I would try to cut back on your oxycodone to see if that helps.  You are on a very high dose.  I cannot tell you what your risk of heart failure or death would be if you stopped your heart medications because I do not know all of the details of your heart history but we do know that statins in patients with heart disease decrease your risk of having a cardiac event (such as heart attack or death) over your lifetime of 40-50%.
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