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Medication switch from toporol xl to metoporol?

I had a catheter ablation for SVT and have been taking toporol xl since. My new doc switched me to metoporol and i am nervous about taking it. What are the differences. I had panic attacks before the ablation, they have since been far and few between. Will i have more attacks or break through palpatations?
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Thanks for the post.

They are the same medication in a different release formulation so that you can take a single pill a day. Im not sure exactly why you were switched but there really should be no difference in the medication.

good luck
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My pharmacist did the same thing without asking my doc first.  I did have issues because the Toprol XL is an extended release of the drug metoprolol, which means there is a very steady release of the drug over a period of time so  you only have to take it once per day, but the metoprol is more of an immediate effect that does not last as long in your system. They did not increase my dose to twice a day so I was only taking it once a day because I was not told of the difference.  However, I tolerated the metoprolol much better because I did not have nightmares like I was having on the Toprol.  Neither one made much difference with my palps.  Best of luck to you.
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My husband did just the opposite from you. He began with metoprolol 2x per day and was switched to toprol xl 25 mg per day. The last post talked about nightmares with toprol. Does metoprolol or toprol bring about panic attacks? I believe my husband is having panic attacks and will not accept it. Is the medication causing this. for one year after his heart attack, he was doing great and then out of the clear, he began getting dizzy, lightheaded, nauseaus, jittery, weak and fatigued. It's getting so that he can't get in the car and go anywhere for fear of getting sick or actually experiencing many of the above symptoms. He is about at his wits end. Can anyone help us? By the way, he had a heart attack March 06; ICD implanted April 06. He takes plavix, Diovan HTC160mg, toprol 25mg, one aspirin, spironlactone50 mg, zetia and simvastain 10 mg each daily. Is this medicine making him feel this way?

Someone tell me something.
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I've been taking Toprol XL 25mg/day for palpitations (and probably mild hypertension)  since 2005.
Early this year, my doctor okayed the switch to generic metoprolol.  I kind of complained about it.  The pharmacist said a generic metoprolol extended release is now in the market because the patent for Toprol XL has expired. He showed me the difference between the regular generic metoprolol and generic extended release (succinate, I think).    I tried the generic version for several days.  It was supposed to be seamless but I felt weird with the generic.  It didn't seem to have the same potency as the real Toprol XL.  I got some dull neck pain from time to time. There was 1 morning I missed a dose and by the afternoon, my heartrate stayed above 100 bpm while just sitting.  

I do get vivid dreams (not nightmares) and some tiredness with Toprol XL but those are already accepted side effects.

I returned the generic to the pharmacy and exchanged for the real Toprol.  Well considering they have the same co-pay amount and my insurance premium shot up to $500/month,  why would I settle for anything less??
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Thanks for this information. My husband as I previously stated has an ICD and pacemaker which sets his heart rate. Toprol XL from what I understand reduces the heart rate. My question is if the ICD sets his heart rate, then why does he need the toprol XL. Can someone answer this for me.

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If I'm correct ICD does not pace the heartbeat like a pacemaker does.  It shocks the heart to normal rhythm when it detects arrythmias like V-tach, V-fib, etc.  Beta-blockers like Toprol or metoprolol reduce (not eradicate)  the chance of arrythmias, thus reducing the chance of  ICD shocking your heart.

I was prescribed Toprol because of fast heartbeat. There were side effects like tiredness,  vivid dreams, cold extremities, etc.  My cardiologist refused to take me out of Toprol. I eventually tolerated the side effects as (1) my body adjusted to it and (2) I got used to side effects that they don't bother me anymore.
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How about Propanolol -- the generic for Inderal.  Has anyone used that?
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My doctor just added a new blood pressure med, metoprolol, 25 mg. 2 times a day.  Along with Benazepril, 40 mg. 2 times a day.  Since I started the metorolol, my pulse has dropped to 50.  I'm very scared as I've always had a higher than average (85-95) pulse, and I don't know why this is happening and if it's dangerous.  Does any one know why this would happen.  My blood pressure didn't improve with the new medication.
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toporol xl is the BRAND name the first person who invented the name and the drug!----and then there is metoporol that is the other company that also NOW(since time has past) can make the drug and does it at a cheaper cost!!!!!!!!!!.I feel safe with toporol xl.Its my heart I'm taking it for why would u take anything less??
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Metoprolol is the GENERIC name for Toprol XL..   The drug which is off patent is available in generics made by different labs, one of them being EON Labs.

I was able to determine, without hesitation, that the generic was ineffective.   I may as well have taken a placebo for all the difference it made, which is to say that my blood pressure was totally uncontrolled.

Of course, the pharmacist insisted the brand name and generics were identical in formulation.    Maybe they DO contain the same ingredients but generics do not always contain the exact amount of active ingredient that the brand name does.  It can either be a bit more or a bit less.  

Our bodies don't lie;   if you feel as though the generic Toprol (metoprolol) is not working for you, don't let anyone convince you that it's all in your head and that there is absolutely no difference between brand-name and generic Toprol XL.  Obviously, there IS a difference.

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I have taken both Toprol XL and I am now taking Metoprolol twice a day.  The Toprol XL was making me so sick that I weaned myself off.  I was having headaches  (like a tight band around my head) I started to stutter and have palpitations all of the time and vivid nightmares.  

I had a recent AVNRT episode and the ER doc gave me Metroprolol twice a day and I feel great.  It is something about the extended release that doesn't set well with me. I'm usually not a fan of generic meds, but in this case, I prefer it over Toprol.  Also, my pharmacist assured me that all the meds have to be approved by the FDA and that they have to contain the same formula.  It can't be  bit more of less....that can be a difference of life and death...his exact words.
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