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I can not afford 2 of my medicine each month..Even after a prescription medicare D pays. It leaves me owing $100 on each..Plavix and Ranexa..
Were can I get help with these medicines?
I must take these due to my health..
Any info. will help me..
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Go to the drug manufacturer website. Many of these companies have programs to provide meds to those with limited means at little or no charge. Ranexa is made by Gilead Sciences and Plavix by Bristol-Myers Squibb. Start there, if that doesn't work ask your doctor for other resources, they should be able to help.

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I did some checking and found out that the for the cheapest Medicare Plan D you will have to pay about $1200/year to get these two drugs (less if you do it mail order), but you are saying $100 ea. per drug per month. Is that correct? If yes, you're in the wrong plan.
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Does anyone know the manufacturer for lisinopril, simvastatin and metoprolol?  I need help with getting these filled each month.  thank you
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These three are all generics. I have taken all three of them at various times. The problem is that with Medicare plan D you will get different manufacturers depending on which pharmacy you select and even if you go to the same pharmacy, they will switch manufacturers depending on were they get a better deal - I guess. So I couldn't tell you.
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Lisinipril is $4/month and $10 for 90 days at WalMart and many other pharmacies that have the $4 precription plan.  You pay out of pocket.  Simvastatin isn't on that list, but lovastatin and pravastatin are, if your doctor feels like you could try substituting one of those.  Metoprolol isn't on the $4/month plan, but atenolol is.  Again, maybe your doctor would be okay with changing you from metoprolol to atenolol.   It's worth talking to the doc about.
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If all else fails, I would talk to the doctor to see whether he or she could prescribe something less expensive that would accomplish the same purpose.  
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