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Medium defect fixed perfusion abnormality

Hello!  New to the MedHelp community.  I had a Nuclear Stress Test in April 2022.  It revealed a medium fixed perfusion abnormality in the basal inferior & apical inferior segments, a reversible perfusion abnormality in the mid inferoseptal and mid interior segments.  Findings are consistent with a mixed defect of the RCA.  I am of normal weight and BP, left ventricular fraction was 74%, no personal or family history of CHD, no heart meds except a very low dose of metropolol for a one-off Afib event 5 years ago.  My cardiologist said I should not be concerned at present with these results.  Would like to hear from others with similar findings.  Many thanks.  
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I had myacardial perfusion scan done I’m not sure how to read results as not seen my cardiologist yet it just said 15% I don’t now what the meaning means but Iv been put on lots meds if it want bad why did he put me on these meds I don’t c cardiologist for another 2 months yet thanks
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