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Meds or no Meds

I have had eratic blood pressure for the last 3and 1/2 years.  In 2005 I was diagnosed pre-hypertensive, my BP was 155-160 over 80-90.  When I am at my Gynecoligist's office my BP is high 160/92 before the exam and then lowers after 130/80.  Except this time, it was 162/99 and after went down only to 150/90.  My Gyn Dr. said to monitor it for the next 2-4 weeks and if it stays above 140/80 to go to my PC physician and get on some meds.  I suffer pretty bad from seasonal allergies and have been coughing and sneezing alot.  I have had some quick pains in my chest (left side) but they don't last long (10 seconds or so).  I have not been sleeping at nigh, partly because I am worried that I am going to 'Stroke out'.  My brother is a Fitness Director/trainer and told me not to go on BP meds that they are bad for the body.  Is there a pill that is either low key or 'natural' that I may be able to take?  and has it been too long with this high bp?
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I am a firm believer in that lowering the blood pressure decreases your risk for heart disease ( heart attacks, strokes, etc) in a manner linear witht he lowering of the blood pressure. Than is if you lower your blood pressure by 10 mm Hg you may lower your cardiovascular risk by about 20-30%. Most people who are hypertensive are unable to change their lifestyles, and eating habits to address this and generally need blood pressure lowering medications to decrease this risk. I don't know why your brother told you that BP meds are bad for the body: these are medications and can have risks, and side effects, but when used appropriately are generally very safe and will definitively lower your risk of having heart failure, heart attacks, kidney dysfunction, blindness, and strokes. I would suggest starting with hydrochlorothiazide and adding a beta blocker if the blood pressure is still elevated. By the way with your numbers you do not have pre-hypertension: you have most definitely full blown stage one hypertension and need treatment.
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I forgot to mention my age is 46 and I have been under alot of stress lately, I work for a Financial Advisor and have a 6yr. old son that is hyperactive.
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My husband has high blood pressure.  He is 41.  His blood pressure was 172/100 and he is taking blood pressure medicine.  His kidneys were hurting because of his high blood pressure.  High blood pressure over years gives your heart, lungs and kidneys a work out.  For people under the age of 50, the bottom number is the most important of the blood pressure.  90 is definitely high.  110 is stroke time.  If the bottom number remains 90 or above, it warrants medicine.  The new treatment is to start off on a low dose water pill which lowers the blood pressure.  You may have pressure in your chest now and not even realize it because it happens so slowly.  Once you are on the medicine, you will feel the difference.  Monitor your blood pressure morning, noon and evening (three times a day).  
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