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Micro heart attacks

Hi my name is Stain Corb,

My health is actually preaty good so im not hear cose of my health but a friends.

Her name is Soffy, she is 22 years old and just 2 days ago sha had this terrible pain, hit her in the chest.

This is what she said to me (the pain is so grate that I cant move, I feel the blood sudenly stop and then the pain comes, the pain is right on top of my heart, but this time it was strange the pain felt right bellow my heart) the thing about this is that she has had it since she was 17, and she gets these maybe a maximum of around 3 times per year and the attacks las around 1 to maybe 3 seconds.

Question is ¿ Dose the heart have a reason to stop sudenly, then continue like this ??

Wen I lifted her from the flore cose she desided to lay down, wen it hit her, but after I lifted her, she says that she felt dizzy, like if blood was running again and making every thing work.

Any one can help me with this ?? I would apresiate it a lot. Thank you.
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Sometimes the rhythm of the heart gets out of rhythm - that is, the signal may come a bit early. These are called PAC's or PVC's. Some people feel them as a quick flutter or a "skipped" beat. When the signal comes early the heart often pauses for a moment to go back into the normal rhythm. Occasionally these pauses can last a few seconds and the person may feel light-headed or a bit of pain.

The only way to tell what her heart is doing is for her to wear a heart monitor that can record the event when it happens. However, because it happens so rarely, it will be difficult to "catch" the problem. Still, she should go in to have a heart check up and see if everything else is OK in there. There may be some small electrical problems that she's not feeling and they can see them then. Hope she gets some help and answers soon.
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Thank you very much, Im going to study on the subject on (PVC's), going to see if I come up with some info.

The other thing I asked her that I thought is important is if she got the attaks in any strange pose and yes she said she gots them wen she lays down on her back or on her stomach, Any reason for this you think.
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It varies from person to person. Many folks notice more PVC's when they eat or drink certain foods, get stressed or lay on one side or the other. Laying on her stomach could trigger the vagal nerve and cause her heart to hiccup I suppose just as overeating will do.

I do hope you find some answers and let us know how we can help. If you find she has other heart rhythm problems, feel free to post over on the "Heart Rhythm" board. You can find that by looking to the right column under "Related Communities." The people there struggle with PVC's and all other kinds of arrhythmias.
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