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Mild Blackouts and Fainting

I had Rheumatic Fever as a small child and was treated for heart murmur and on daily antiobiotic (Penicillian) until I was 18.  I am 56 years old, weight 210 lbs., 5'5", have taken thyroid medication since I was 12, have high blood pressure.  For years I will occassionally get these mild blackout spells.  I don't completely blackout, but things go sort of gray, I get a tingling in my right arm, my body feels weak and heavy, I get heartburn or stomach pain with these.  Taking one Aspirin helps.  My blood pressure sometimes is high and sometimes is low when these "spells" come on.  They do see to happen more when I am under stress or worrying.  My ears will ring and sounds seem louder.  When they happen, I am weak for almost the whole day.  My father for years was treated for a heart condition and given a pacemaker for what in later years were actually diagosed as anxiety attacks.  When he died of Alzheimers in his 80s his heart was actually that of a 20 year old the doctors told us.  I periodically check my blood sugar and it is good.  I have had cat scans in the past for this and EKGs, and everything seemed fine at the time.  I recently had knee surgery and was told that my EKG didn't look good, but was okay enough to do surgery.  I live in a rural community and my doctor is at a loss as to why these happen.  I have my thyroid check via blood test every year and have had only 1 scan and that was about 15 years ago.  My question is is this anxiety like my father or could there be something we haven't explored.  I work with elementary students and recently this has happened two times at school.  When the happen at home, I can laydown and rest, but it is impossible to do at school.  
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Because you say that these spells happen more when you are under stress, I am wondering if it is a blood sugar drop.  Try eating cheese and crackers when you get the spell to see if that pulls you out of it.  Then, you will know it is blood sugar.  Usually, within 15 to 20 minutes after eating you will straighten out.  Otherwise, if it's your heart try taking an 81mg aspirin daily.  See if either remedy works. If you do have a severe blood sugar drop, drink juice.  You will know if it's severe, because you will have a hard time walking and nothing will make sense.  I have periods of low blood sugar and what happens to me is I start feeling light headedness, have a hard time thinking, and have a hard time focusing on anything.  If I were to let it go on without eating, I would black out and hear echoing of voices but not lose consciousness which happened when I was fifteen in school.
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Thanks!  I will try your suggestions.  
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I do not know the answer but I also had childhood rheumatic fever and was treated with penicillin for five years. I'm 64. my life has been difficult.
I blame the penicillin which some source said that penicillin can effect hormones.
I would like to hear from other people with similar experience.
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