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Mini stroke behind right eue and headaches

I had a mini stroke behind my right eye now I have a headache all the time is this normal?I had a carotid endarterectomy  on the right side of my neck dec 20th 2013 ,Feb 18 2014  started having problems with my right eye.I went to the eye dr and he sent me to my  dr that did the  carotid endarterectomy   and he said it was a mini stroke.I have like a gray fog  over my eye all the time and like northern lights  in the corner.My head hurts bad sometimes and I get  nauseated.Can anything be done to stop the headaches other than pain meds because they only help  for a few hours then its hurting again so I have to take more.  
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Hi, after stroke based on neuronal damage, some symptoms can persist. The headaches could be the side effects of the medications you are taking. Migraines are intense headaches sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting and altered visual sensations. The others are those caused due to brain disorders, disorders of the eyes , neck or ears to name a few. To find a cure you need to consult your primary care physician for proper assessment. In the meantime you can take OTC Ibuprofen pain medication. Regards.
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Thank you for the  reply,I have made a app with my family dr and I go back to the eye specialist   the 10th of march.
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I am 44 yrs old and have had 2 TIA's and a moderate stroke from the past 4 months. I had an ocular stroke initially and had a moderate stroke and I was in MICU and lost feeling on my left side..and lost movement in my leg. I had rehab for that...your question of headaches hits home for me. I have headaches all the time, every day. that's usually a sign my blood pressure is elevated. since these mini strokes, I noticed i have a lot more headaches.
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