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Minor changes on ekg during reguar stress test

Received an email from cardiologist stating that the  stress test last week showed mild changes in ekg during exercise.  He said that results could be normal for me but wants me to have a nuclear test?  Of course I am worried and have questions for him.  I walk/jog three miles a day and have no pains or problems.  I am on BP meds and my blood pressure is good until I get stressed and anxious.  Did anyone have minor changes in ekg while doing stress test.  I have left doctor message to call me yesterday, but have not heard back?  Thank you.
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I just had that done and is not bad at all.   It just takes most of your morning as you have to sit a lot between each scan and injection.  Hope all goes well!
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why worry about a nuclear scan? they are safe and non invasive. You just walk on a treadmill, have an injection then lay still under a scanner for about 30 mins. You then have an hours break and repeat the scan.
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