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Mitral Valve and Tricuspid valve Trivial regurgitation

Mitral Valve: Structurally normal valve. Doppler: Trivial regurgitation. Peak gradient : 3mm Hg (D)
Tricuspid Valve : Structurally normal valve. Doppler: Trivial regurgitation

what does this mean? is this normal? am I healthy?  what should I do?
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Hi, I wanted to know if you have any symptomes?? I to have trivial regurgitatin in the same two valves.. Iv asked many doctors about it and havent gotten a clear answer??  
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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Mild mitral and tricuspid valve regurgitations may not need therapy. More so if you are asymptomatic now. However, you will need to closely monitor your symptoms and follow up with your doctor at regular intervals to see for changes in valve diameter, if there is dilatation of left ventricle or if the ejection fraction has decreased. Also, if you have hypertension keep it under check.

Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
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is this a precursor to mitral valve prolapse? or some other heart issue?
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