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Mitral valve prolapse and medications

I am 30 yr old man who was diagnosed with Mitral valve prolapse and mitral and tricuspid regurgitation a decade ago. It was confirmed by a Cardiologist that due to that, I have very sensitive Autonomic nervous system as I am very hypersensitive man and get severe Anxiety/Panic attacks.

6 months ago, i had the biggest panic attack of my life, where i felt i could not breath, fast heart palpitations, dizziness and imbalance, heaviness in head, chest pain , sweating of palms, fear of dying.

I went straight to the emergency department of the Hospital where all my blood tests, Echocardigram, chest X-rays were done and everything was ok, just MVP, which was known.

Now, when i was diagnosed with MVP, my cardiologist put me on Beta blocker "Propranolol 40mg" and "Clonazepam 0.5mg" daily, which i stopped on my own after 30 days(a mistake). Even after 6 months , I have horrible symptoms like dizziness, disequilibrium, headaches, imbalance, sensitive ears etc.

Now, what can i do?
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