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Mixed medicines

I am a 60 yr old male, 35lbs overweight, in good condition, do moderate excercise, don't smoke and consume alcohol moderately.  BP has been high for many years and proven difficult to bring under control with a parade of medicines.  Currently I take (daily)an antiacid drug, 500mg vitamin C, 400usp vitamin E, 81mg aspirin, 80mg Zocor, 500 mg Niaspan, 40mg Accupril, 160/12.5mg Diovan HCT and 10mg Norvasc.

Having been very active most of my life, including top level college and pro-athletics, and having had no heart problems to date, I wonder why so many drugs.  I also wonder what the potential problem with taking so many different categories is.

Can you explain?  Thanks.
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Dear pwhens,
You are on a total of 5 meds plus vitamins and over the counter meds.  This is what I would consider a moderate number of medications for someone in your position.  Zocor is good for lowering cholesterol and decreasing your risk of heart attack or stroke.  The Niaspan could probably be stopped because you are on such a low dose it does not have any beneficial cholesterol effects. The aspirin a day is a good idea. The rest of your drugs are for blood pressure.  There are two ways to control blood pressure. 1) increase one medication to maximum doses or 2) try combination medications.  You doctor has chosen the second option because of the potential to decrease side-effects from large doses of medications.  Sometimes however you may get side-effects from taking several different drugs.  I would suggest making an appointment with your doctor to review your meds.  You can go over what has been tried in the past and make a plan for the best approach to take.  If he is still having problems he can refer you to a specialist in the are of hypertension.  Some people have very difficult to control blood pressure but the benefits of getting it under control are worth the hassle.
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