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Mobile App to monitor Pacer/Defib operation

Wondering if anyone has or would consider developing a Droid APP for Medtronics Pacer/Defibers. I have a BiV-ICD and live alone. With the advent of smart phones, I've done away with a land line and so the telephone checkups are no longer an option. I know my unit broadcasts a signal at certain times, because my old heart in-home monitor only needed to be within 50 ft or so to pick up my pacer signal. Would there be some way to link or pair my pacer to my smart phone so that in the event I was having a cardiac crisis, it could notify 911 or some other service to call for help?

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I would give Medtronics corporate (the main phone #) a call. I am familiar with them and they are very nice.  I'm sure they have a development dept. that deals with something like this and would be interested, especially in today's electronic era, and I think it's a good idea.

Do you have a rep. that you see?  If so, perhaps contacting him/her could also refer you to a person to contact as well.

Let us know what you hear.  You caught my curiosity now. :-)
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Hi, Viva Medtronic - "Keeping me well since 2010!"
Be interested to know how your enquiry turns out. I have a CRT-D and am on home monitoring but only downloads via the telephone line once a week onto a Server at my local Heart Hospital. I too would prefer a smartphone link and ditch the landline if technology was available.
I would not be surprised if Medtronic modified the existing rfid chip to communicate with some phones via WiFi.
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