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Mom died unexpectedly of Hypertensive heart disese.

I lost my 56 year old mother last week. My dad found her in her bed, and thought she was just naping. He said he was inches away from her face and couldnt tell anything was wrong. Since Oct 2008 my mom was dx with vasculitis, diabetis, had many TIA's, high blood pressure, was on steroids for the vasculitis. She also had to start wearing a bi-pap at night. The autopsy report stated HYPERTENSIVE HEART DISEASE. I know what it is, but I do have a few questions.
* Did she feel pain when she died?
* She was on medication to help control her high b/p, why didnt it work?
* She was going to a doctor at least 1-2 times per week, why did this heart disease go un-noticed?
* Why didnt the doctors pay special attention to her heart if they knew that she had high b/p for so long?
* How could this have been prevented?
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I wish I could answer your questions but I can't. I'm sure some one with first hand experience will give you some better insight about this. Please understand that hypertension is a disease without symptoms, there is no way she would have "felt" she had high blood pressure. Also, if she was on a breathing machine at night, this would mean she had sleep apnea which may also lead to a dilated heart in some individuals. Do you know if your mother had any tests on her heart or if she complained of any symptoms to her doctors? They would most likely not have ran any heart tests unless she complained about cardiac related symptoms. One could certainly make the case that for an individual with sleep apnea (usually over weight with this condition), high blood pressure and diabetes, that an echo or stress test could have been performed if she was symptomatic.

In  any case, it's just conjecture. The important thing is your loss, I am very sorry that your mother passed and I hope you do well, consider help if you need it.

So sorry,

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I am so sorry for your loss.  I understand all your questions, and your need for answers.  Long term HBP can decrease the hearts ability to function properly resulting in a heart attack.  Your mom may have had HBP long before she knew it, and the damage may have already been done.  Sometimes it's difficult to get the BP medication just right, and can take time. Sweetie, I think your mom went in peace, I truly do.  If God called her home, then there was nothing anyone could have done to prevent this.  I'm sure she just went to sleep and never woke up, a very peaceful way to go.  I know your heart is breaking but she may have been facing years of pain and surgeries, and now will suffer no more.  You need to take the time and energy and start the healing process, this is what your mom would have wanted for you.  She will live on in your heart and your memories, make her proud.  Take care.......
hi my mum has also past away, and I am devastated we didn't know she had pulmonary hypotension till we saw the death cert, and then we found out she had a diagnosis in june  and still they were sending her for tests up until the week she died saying they were looking for the diagnosis also the specialist cancelled two appointments at the last min when she really needed them to maybe save her life .She was very ill but thought  there were cures and options which she never got your kind words touched me and I know shes at peace but I still feel robbed of my beautiful mum
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I am so sorry to hear about your mum.

My dad died about 8 or 9 weeks ago, very sudden.  I was present when it happened.  He didn't have high BP, i've checked his medical records.

These things just happen sometimes but i know that we can never understand this or accept it.  I certainly can't.  

I still worry as to whether my dad really suffered and i was there when it happened.  However, i've been told that if he did then it would have been very quick and very shortlived.  In my dad's case the heart actually ruptured, which is awful i know but at the same time means that he is likely to have lost conciousness almost immediately.  He didn't cry out in pain....and it sounds like your mum did not either....hold onto that.

I've had a bit more time than you and all i can say is that you will experience so many emotions....and of course i'm not through it yet.....but i can say that one thing I know.....whatever happened to my dad, STOPPED happening.  He is not suffering now.  

I am so sorry for the loss of your mum and I understand what a terrible shock this is.  I don't know what to say to help but just to let you know that you are not alone.  Feel free to write to me privately if you wish.

take care

FYI, 9 year old post. I haven't spoken to Rosemary for many, many years.
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Im so sorry for your loss.

Unfortunately, physicians miss things.  

Did you only have one pathologist?
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