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Mother very high blood pressure when standing

75 year old mom 2 years following double by-pass surgery is over weight but not morbidly obese. She has been doing water areobics ligthly for 2 months but has not been great with diet and exercise.  She has never smoked, but has been boarderline diabetic.  She takes high blood pressure medication, cholestrol medication. Two days ago felt chest tightness went to emergency and was admitted. BP is running 188/90 to over 200 when standing all of a sudden, but is.  They seem to see a floating bit of tissue like a sand grain in her artery, but do not seem concerned and she is undergoing tests today.  Her voice changes to higher pitch and scratchy when her bp climbs.   Any idea what may be going on and how we can expect she will be treated?
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HI, I am not sure what is going on with your mom, the only thing that comes to my mind might be POTS (postoral orthostatic tachycardia syndrome)  What other synptoms does she have, ? is  she drinkng enough water? Does her heart rate goes up a lot(about 30 points ) when she stands up??Does she feel lightheaded when standing? Does she feel any shakiness? If she has any of this among other, ask her cardiologist about this condition,  I suffer from this and these are some of my symptoms.
Good luck!
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