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Murmur sounds

I know I have a heart murmur, had it as long as I can remember. Recently my PCP said she thought it was getting worse. Had my echo today, very cool test and it's been 12 years since my last one. From the outside my heart is pretty standard sounding: whoosh-thump.  Today with the magic of technology LOL it sounded more like flippity-snap, flippity-snap. Would they consider that a murmur or just my valves flapping around?
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hi i have the same heart mumor and the flapping could be your heart valves opening to big and leaking like mine is they valves are only supposed to send blood one direction back to your heart but in this case it gose backwards. the docs wont do anything unless r having symptoms and they can treat that or your valves r opening to much which may require a vlave replacement or repair. talk to ur dr if ur concerned . hope this helps u good luck.
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I have this motto: if I'm not passing out then I'm doing OK. My doctor doesn't like it but if I feel fine, then I'm not going to stress. I know I have a murmur but I never really got to hear it up close like this. The other echo I had years ago. . . . I don't remember the flippity snap sound. Then again, I can't even remember what I had for breakfast yesterday. LOL  I'm sure I'll hear from my doc next week. The tech said it will be in my record by Tuesday and I can check it online if I want. Plus they always send a letter by mail with test results. I think it's a bit misleading when people refer to a heart beat as "lub dub."  Mine is much happier than that.  
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My motto:  if my ticker ticks, I am doing okay!

but on a more serious note:  murmurs are common findings and as long as you are asymptomatic and you listen to your body for changes, you'll be okay.
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Thanks Smiley. I agree with you - as long as I feel fine, then I am fine. I know it doesn't work for everything but I'm still going with it. My doctor is very cautious, that's all. I simply found the sound interesting, kind of cute. I wanted to giggle as the tech was recording it all.
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It is unclear what these sounds are; it is possible they are just normal sounds of blood flowing through valves in the heart.  It would be best to ask your physician for the results of the echo.
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