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Murmurs, occasional turbulence

Is it possible for murmurs to increase in intensity for short periods of time? What I mean is can a heart sound go from a tame "whoosh, thump" to more of a gurgle, like someone blowing bubbles in their glass of milk? The gurgling seems to be just on the systolic (?) portion when the heart contracts. And there's a general feeling of fatigue and mild pressure in the chest.
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bump ----- sorry for being a pest. Just wondering if anyone had a thought about this. I understand if no one has a clue. I've seen posts like that before, very unusual and can't come up with an answer.

I see we have a bunch of very old posts scattered in the mix today. Some computer burp some place.
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My friend ireno ,
your not alone ,with out finding clues or ansures to your questions. iv asked so meny I think, people see my name or picture and run the other way!!  oh no its him again !!
I have to say,its very Unusual for not getting a reply back !  but maybe people fear telling
there side of the story ? or problems they had too? same as yours !  might even be no one really knows ?  though someone might !  I found sometimes doing late night reserch online helps finding some clues, on certin medical sites ! I refuse to ask a doctor being
they guess alot and just dont know everything!  pill pushers in most cases ! la te dah !!

anyways, keep trying and dont give up !  so will I .. all best to you and family.
your buddy eft56    the guy with all the problems.. !! and no ansures yet !!
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Well, hello. Good to hear from you. I was out of the loop this past week. Too many family things going on.

I'm not too worried about this gurgling heart. It doesn't happen all the time. It feels odd, makes me feel odd but then it goes away after a few hours. Can't be too big a deal.

Perhaps folks don't know the answer and that's fine. Better than making up stories. This isn't bedtime fun and games. Oops, that came out wrong.

Sounds like no good news for you lately. All we can do is plug along, one day at a time, do what we can. Better than not being able to do anything if you know what I mean. Time to release some brush bunnies.
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Was told I couldnt comment on personal life things.. so will keep medical

I think you right ,people dont know and its better not to guess at it . ha ha sounds what doctors do out here ..guess!!!!    yep plug along eddie thats me !!  one day at a time
hour by hour.. day by day .. week by week.. so on down the road of hard knocks !

wish I had family things to do , if so would keep moving and have something to keep my mind going.. as not to think of side effects or medical issues..  ya know..

im gonna make a game up .. stone the doctor !  find the bad doctor and throw stones at him.. all on video screen !!  ha ha  good one !!  

have a good night .. and wishing you the best always.. your friend boogie .
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