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Muscular chest pains with PVC's and PAC's

My background: Age 25 male, 6'0 205 lbs. Smoke a pack a day for the last 3 years, suffer from mild depression and anxiety. My job is highly stressful and I can almost relate to it as being an air traffic controller or a stock trader on wall street.  I exercise for 3-4 miles 2-3 days a week.

My symptoms started around age 19-20. I would get what it feels like a PVC or extra heart beat once every other week or some times not have them at all for a month or two. Now that I'm 25,  I would get bad runs with them. I would get at most 3-4 PVC's a day which is acceptable, but my chest will tense up and I would get what it feels like strained muscles throughout my chest. Almost a feeling like over-exercise after a 4-5 mile jog or one to many push ups. When my stress level lowers or anxiety calms down, my chest muscles relax and I can sometimes hear the bones crack (like knuckles). Some times I find it hard to remember which came first, the pains in my chest or the PVCs, but after exercise it always seems to get better for a short while. I never remember getting shortness of breathe, sweaty palms, migraines, insomnia, or fatigue. So other than the sore chest and infrequent PVCs my symptoms are rather minor but disconcerting because it's simply not normal!

I went to my general health care doc, and obviously he told me to quit smoking , drink more water and lower my caffeine intake. I had blood work done and an EKG (while I had the chest pains) and everything came back fine.  He gave me metoprolol tartrate beta blocker and it helped with the sore chest, but made my anxiety worse. Lowering the caffeine intake to 1-2 cups of coffee a day didn't work much but not smoking for 3-4 days helped immensely. Should I seek out a cardiologist to see if I have a valve disorder or underlining heart disease?  My doctor seems reluctant to think I should bother.
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If your doctor examined you and didn't find any problems with your heart further workup is unnecessary.  It will lead to more tests which most likely aren't going to change your current therapy.
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