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Mvp and arrythmia


Hi. Sorry this post is similiar to the one previous but my question differs a bit. My wife has MVP but borderline. She has been having pac and pvc for a while now. She has been checked by echos and ekgs and heart is fine. Her Dr. thinks she may have had paroxsymal atrial tachycardia at one time. He does not think it warrants eep studies at this point because he does not really think it is worth the risk and does not think they will find anything. After reading other posts on ablation, it scares me to think she may have to go through it at some point, since some posters have had more problems after plus some needed a pacemaker at young ages. How often does that happen? What exactly causes the atrial tachycardia if the heart is normal and there is no extra pathway? Even if there is an extra pathway does it mean it will constantly recur though it never revealed itself until later in life during a stressful time? Can you suffer from this with a normal, healthy heart and how will this effect long term? Can it stop and not recur again? Can it be part of MVP syndrome?

Thank you for your time.

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Dear Chris,

Ablation is not for everyone and many arrhythmias are treated fine with medications.  For those who do choose ablation the risk of pacemaker is low (<1%) in general.  Atrial tachycardia can have a variety of different causes but is often caused by an "ectopic focus" of cells firing at their own rate.  Accessory pathways ('extra pathways') are present at birth and persist throughout life unless they are ablated. Arrhythmias can be episodic. They are not usually part of MVP syndrome.
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Sorry I don't understand why the name dande4 keeps coming up. It may well be my wife's nickname which I did not know. She is out of town and may well have posted that prior question and her nickname is logged in on my comp. as well. I did not notice until too late. I am very Sorry for using a double post that someone else could use..I will try to research this...

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Please don't worry.   I have paroxysmal atrial tachycardia along with mitral valve prolapse and microvascular spasms.  I also have a very healthy heart (according to my cardiologist) and feel great since my cardiologist found the right meds.  An ablation was attempted, but was aborted because it would have meant a pace maker for me which I did not want.  I am on Rhythmol (side effects sound scary, but I have experienced none) and the arrythmia is totally under control.  All my other heart problems are under control and I feel great.  There are meds instead of an ablation.  Please speak to your cardiologist -- it makes a work of difference to be on the right meds!  Good luck!
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