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My Heart and vasovagal syncope

I worked up the courage to do the nuc myoview. I suffer from vasovagal syncope and just can't do the angiogram: too many risks. I did the running, instead of medication for higher heart rate. I just turned 66.
No chest pain now that I've reduced my life's stressors.
Overall study was good. Normal sinus rhythm. QRS: poor R-wave progression.
ECG demonstrated Sinus tachycardia.
Nuclear findings:
Resting defect # 1.SPECT images demonstrate a small (1-2 segments) perfusion defect, of mild intensity. Located apical anterior.
Stress defect # 1.Stress SPECT images demonstrate a medium (3-4) perfusion defectof moderate intensity. The defect is located in the following regions: mid-anterior, apical anterior, apex.
TID: The sum differential score is 5. Wall motion:
Gated SPECT imaging reveals normal myocardial thickening and wall motion.
Ejection fraction: Calculated left ventricular ejection fraction was 54%.
Transient ischemic dilation was NOT present.
ECG portion of stresas test reveals NSR.
Patient's blood pressure response to exercise was hypertensive.
Maxium heart rate (90%) was achieved.
Patient's exercise capacity was ABOVE AVERAGE.
No REgional wall abnormalities.
Defect # 1. There is a medium moderate reversible defect in the following region(s).: mid-anterior, apical anterior, apex. This is indicitive of ischemia. (I think this was said earlier in the report above.

I just cannot bring myself to do the angiogram. I believe I had a silent heart attack or stroke in Sept. 2014 when I asked to be lying down for an IV and he said, "Don't worry, we'll catch you. I vomited until dry heaves, I couldn't talk, and I felt my face was drooping. I had to be wheeled out backwards because for the first time ever, I had motion sickness going forward. I had to be carried upstairs. It took 4 blankets, a heating pad and 5 hours before I got warm. Awful experience.

Wouldn't an MRI with contrast do the job? I don't want to put off any further testing.

Also, I recently ordered quality grade systemic enzymes and all the supplements and turmeric supplement. Thought I'd give it 6 weeks to see if ECG becomes normal.

What thoughts do you have on this?

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It looks like your heart is suffering a little from lack of oxygen when you are in rest, and more when you are more active.
This gives you an increased risk for an infarction.

An MRI can probably confirm what is already found by the SPECT imaging but does not solve it.
An angiogram is still the golden standard for evaluation the state of your coronary arteries and often treatment with a stent is done in the same run.

If there are blockages in your coronary arteries, they will not go away with turmeric or other supplements.

Do you mean to say that you do not want to have the angiogram or that an angiogram can not be done because of the risk?

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