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My blood pressure is 140/50 Should I be concerned?

My left arm hurts along with the hand took my blood pressure and it is 140/50. Should I be concerned?

Should I call my doctor or something else?
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The lower number - 50 - is more concerning than the upper number. That's pretty low. Who took that BP? A doctor or nurse or other qualified medical professional?

How are you feeling now?

https://www.healthline.com/health/low-diastolic-blood-pressure - that's some info about a low diastolic pressure - the diastolic pressure is the number on the bottom. Definitely give your doctor a call. They may be able to do a phone call with you about this at first, or decide to have you come in.

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Thats a wide pulse pressure.  Your systolic is essentially giving you info on you co (cardiac output) and diastolic on your tpr ( total peripheral resistance).
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Yes , you should. The arm pain and 140 B/P is high.
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