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My husband has become forgetful and feels sleepy

My husband is 39 yrs old. Underwent angioplasty on july08. He was earlier diabetic. Severe alcoholic and a chain smoker. 2 years back he left drinks and after angio left smoking. He become very irritable  otherwise also he was very arrogant and rude. Nowadays he has starting forgetting also. He is also having leucoderma and is getting homeopathic treatment for the same.
Since I am also the same age, I feel that after being tolerant for so many years, I am not able to take it. Please let me know does this have something to do with his angio or his basic nature is such.
He never exercises otherwise also he was lazy and now after angio become more lazy, drowsy, weak too. Doesnt listen when I tell him to exercise. He feels I nag so l left it.But bcos of this we dont share a very good marital life. Any help is welcome
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Has he been checked by his doctor since July? He may be having some depression from having to face his mortality (going through the angioplasty) or perhaps he's developed another health problem related to ischemia some place that's affecting his personality. He may not appreciate it but if you can, share with his doctor the changes you've seen in the last 4 months. There are no "nice" pills for him to take but the forgetfulness and fatigue should be checked.
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My husband has a similar history - binge drinker for many years but over a period of 2-3 years this was a nightly occurence.  Some years later he developed an altered personality, becoming moody and angry.  The children, now grown, called him "Angry Dad" (as in "The Simpsons").  He had a stent 3 yrs ago but there has been no noticeable change in behaviour, health, anything and his memory is becoming increasingly bad.  I, too, am struggling to cope and do not know how much longer I can continue to take the highs and lows, the constant changes in life and lifestyle, the nastiness and the temper.  I urge him to seek further medical help but he refuses.  I have asked a couple of questions on this forum, perhaps, if you look them up you may find some answers/similarities.  I sympathise with you and know exactly what you are feeling.  I've gone through the depression angle with him but antidepressants didn't really help and, like virtually all medication prescribed to him, except his heart medication, he couldn't be bothered to keep taking it and questioning or reminding him simply led to more anger.  Sorry, not much help but just to let you know there are other people out there suffering the same.
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