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Mytral Valvue Prolance and WPW

I have both of these diseases, Mytral Valvue Prolance and WPW. The problem is that I am having parpitation episodes that bring my heart to 156-170 speed; they are not that frequent. My doctor suggests Catheter Ablation. I am a little nervous and would like to know how one (WPW) can be treated without treating or affecting the other (Mytral Valvue Prolance). Are my palpitation related to the second one as well? I am 34 years old and don't know if I should wait before that operation. Also, what would be the best procedure, outpatient or in the hospital?
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I have episodes where my heart will skip, jump, race and at time falls out of rythem. and seems to pound. i have had a ekg and told all is fine. it happens to alot of people. heres the thing my dad at the age 10 had scarlet fever. at the age of 44 died from a heart attack. i have lost two brothers ages 50 & 58. a sisster and brother have had heart attacks and lived.. we have same dad differnt mothers.. my question would be could the heart problem be in the genes? we were told my dads heart attack was due to his weakend heart from the scarlet fever. p.s. that was in 1974
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Mitral valve prolapse is a structural anomoly of the valve that provides a one-way flow of blood from the left atrium (upper chamber) into the left ventricle (lower chamber).  The anomoly is the leaflets that close over the valve opening to prevent any back flow of blood is impaired and blood flows back into the atrium rather than pumped into circulation.  There is no direct cause for any irregular heartbeats associated with mitral valve prolapse.  Symptoms associated with MVP could be fatigue, chest pain, shortness of breath, etc.

WPW is a heart rhythm disorder that affects the heartbeat.  Individuals with WPW have an accessory pathway for electrical impulses to pass in addition to the normal pathway (AV Node) that connects the atria and the ventricles. This accessory pathway does not share the rate-slowing properties of the AV node (normal pathway), and may conduct electrical activity at a significantly higher rate than the AV node.  This condition would be the direct cause of palpitation and irregular heartbeats.

Treatment for MVP can be heart valve repair or replacement if the condition is severe and symptomatic.  Treatment for WPW can be ablation (removal of accessory pathway).
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