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Myxomatous mitral valve

I have recently been diagnosed with myxomatous mitral valve but I'm waiting to see my cardiologists to discuss. But in my results it also says eccentric jet of mitral valve regurgitation, dilatation of LA and ventricular triplets. Can anyone help explain what all of these together could mean treatment wise? Thanks x
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It sounds like you have a myxomatous mitral valve and concomitant mitral regurgitation. Mitral regurgitation comprises a spectrum of disorders, not just a single disease entity that has a single treatment.  Depending on the severity of your myxomatous mitral regurgitation and the severity of your symptoms, your doctor may recommend anything from medications and observation to surgery.  The important thing, particularly if your mitral regurgitation is described as severe, is to get at least two opinions from cardiologists at different institutions before undergoing any invasive treatment.  
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