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As the header states, I recently had a negative or ‘normal’ calcium scoring CT scan. I had one because I have awful left shoulder/neck/arm pains, most days of the week now! It’s like an aching pain and i can have it on my bicep at one hour in the day, then around my deltoid and down my tricep another hour of the day. There’s nothing that I can recall that may be causing it, at all! The sporadic ness of the pains makes no sense to an isolated tear or muscle/nerve damage.

I’m only 27, but I am terrified of becoming the next Sergei grinkov or Alexander Dale oen! (Athletes of identical ages that died due to multi coronary occlusions!!)

Anyway, I’ve had multiple resting ecgs and echocardiogram a year or so ago and they were also normal.

Now the big question is - - - if I have a normal ‘zero’ risk score on the calcium CT scan, what are the chances I have soft plaque that WASN’T picked by that?
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Hello, hope this has been resolved.  I wanted to check in since you had no responses as of yet to see if there is any update to the situation.  Please let me know. That you have a ZERO score on the calcium CT scan is very good news.  The score reflects the total area of calcium deposits and the density of the calcium. A score of zero means no calcium is seen in the heart. It suggests a low chance of developing a heart attack in the future.   https://www.mayoclinic.org/tests-procedures/heart-scan/about/pac-20384686  

Could this situation be unrelated to your heart altogether?  Please let us know your current status.
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