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NSVT and pregnancy

I am 35 years old and in early pregnancy. I have a history of sinus tachycardia, symptomatic pvcs and nsvt (not captured on holter but causes lightheadedness/dizziness) and take 40mg propranolol daily to alleviate symptoms. I would like to ask is it safe to continue to take BBs during pregnancy? as I have had mixed messages from doc. Also is the nsvt likely to be a problem if I quit taking BBs. I have had ecg, 24 hr holter and stress test (all fine).
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Thanks for the post.

Im not sure how you know you have NSVT if it was never captured on a holter.

Just like any medicine beta blockers have positive and negative effects. Any time a medication is prescribed, one must weigh the risk and benefits of using or abstaining from the medication. The range of side effects of medications in pregnancy range from definite harm to a fetus to no harm and drugs are classified on this basis.

Since I dont know your full history it is impossible and inappropriate for me to make specific recommendations. Beta blockers have been used in pregancy, but should be used only with the supervision of your physicians.

good luck
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I have had a lot of irregular hear beats even before being PG. I am now 33 weeks along. Its been a really rough ride. I get those flutter feelings in my chest. It scares the heck out of me. I have been very tempeted many time to take a BB but have held off. Not sure how much longer I can deal with this. Its ruining my life. Its a hard call. Hang in there and do what you feel is best for you too. I know stress cannot be good for the baby either.
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Many thanks for the posts.

I have noticed on the postings that in the US you seem to get a much wider range of tests and better follow up than we do here in the UK (on the NHS there is a very hands off approach and have a reluctance to do anything that costs money!) - my NSVT has never been captured on a holter because I have had one 24 holter done in 2001 (after baby no. 1) - of course I didn't have an episode that day (it only happens once every 3-6 months although I have PVCs and bouts of inappropriate sinus tachycardia every day (captured on holter) - it has not been deemed necessary to do another even although the cardiologist I saw thinks I probably have had episodes of NSVT. He believes that at 31 (at that time) I was unlikely to have CAD, therefore I should just ignore these episodes and has said that they will improve or disappear altogether with age (but thats not the impression I get from surfing the internet). Haven't seen a cardiologist since.
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I am 20 weeks right now and I have taken 12.5 mg of Toprol XL throughout my whole pregnancy.  I know it may not be optimal, but my doctor says for me at least the benefits outweigh the risks.  I have severe anxiety related to palpitations and heart racing and I have already had to get off my anxiety meds so the danger of a huge anxiety relapse was too much to chance without at least a beta blocker.  I take a tiny dose, and my heart still beats fast after meals (I have only gained 5 lb. because I'm scared to eat too much) and I notice my resting heart rate is higher than before pregnancy.  But, the good news is I got an ultrasound on Friday and the baby is in perfect health - yes, she is small, but she is perfectly formed and has no birth defects or heart problems, thank God!  The doctors say not to worry about the lack of weight gain, it will happen in latter weeks of the pregnancy.  Good luck to you no matter what you decide to do with the BBs!
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For me, when i have an episode of nsvt it is as if my heart is stuck in a persisten pvc mode.  Kind of like a tumbling or rolling feeling, one pvc after another...a string of them with no normal beats in between.

Enjoy your daughter....Kids are truly one of life's greatest gifts!

Have a great day!
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What are you doing when an episode starts?It seems to me when i bend over to pick something up on the ground or changing a position...but then again I have been on the computer 3 times out of the 25 I have had...I have had 8 attacks so far this month...it has been now every day or every ther day lately...and hasn't happened more than once a day and my rate is up to 220...I have had to call 911 3 x past week...bearing down seems to help sometimes...but it's scary because you don't know how long it is going to last this time...and i think about if it is effecting the baby.Why this pregnany and not the first?
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