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Neck Pain after Angioplasty

My Dad underwent angioplasty procedure last week with a bare stent. he was discharged from hospital in 24 hours. He is on drugs which include clopitab A.  But he has been complaining of neck pain ... which is not continuous but is on and off.. Also only mild pain and not severe. Its just 5 days after the procedure.

Is it a cause for worry? what are the symptoms when we must be concerned and rush to the doctor ?
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OF course you should rush to the doctor,. Maybe the drugs have side effect.
YOU 'd better listen to what the doctor  will say..
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Brother don't worry about that. My mother had also sent placcment 1month ago. After angioplasty my mother is suffering same problem nousia, back pain, left arm numb etc.
Doctor told me after angioplasty or sent Placement this signs is the common problem for 2 or 3 months which has been seen in 43% of cardiac patent. Who has been used drug eluting sent their recovery time is being 1yr where as 1month may need for bare metal sent. And medic effects may arise.

My doctor also suggest the patient to take green tea, ginger tea, black tea, lemon water, alovera drinks for good results in order to reduce pain.

Regular light heart exercise is good for reduce this pain. Sleep early as possible within 8pm to 10pm after dinner and medication. Wake up early in dusk and drink ginger tea with light hot water is good for heart, then light exercise for 2 or 3 min, then take snakes and drink green tea is good. Take medication Acording your prescription. In the evening drink black tea is good. Before sleep in the night drink 2 glasses water that keep heart safe form heart attack.

Always take nitrosol and aspirin with you. For emergency.
If your chest pain remains more than 15 mins go to hospital immediately before using aspirin and nitrosol for thinning blood. This will safe your life.
If chest pain remain less than 10 min use nitrosol and rest for 10 mins. If pain remain again spray, if not again spray and go for emergency.

The big treatment of this type of patient is relaxation and remains tense free. Death fear is the main issue for this types of patient so this type of patients should know the life saving techniques and keep their machine active. ☻ live every single moment with doing any tension. Sleep good, exercise regularly, medication, live fullfill life.

Never forget to take nitrosol and aspirin along with you.

May Allah keep you father or mother safe. Look after your patient. Motivate them. Train them, join them to heart rehabilitation centre.

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How is your dad doing? My dad had angioplasty and 2 stent we're placed and now that he is discharged he feel neck pain as well. Hopefully it goes away soon.
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