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Negative EP study

Twenty years ago, I had two ablations.  One for left lateral accessory pathway and second for av nodal modification.
For the past nine months, I have experienced palpitations, shortness of breath and dizziness and have diagnosed with atrial tachycardia.  I have an EP study performed in hope of ablation, but they couldn't activate any irregular heart beats.  I have tried Beta blockers and Flecainide in the past and have not tolerated either of these.  Is there an alternative procedure to avoid taking medication which I seem to suffer adverse side effects.  This is now affecting my day to day living.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.  I am due to see my consultant in just over a week and would like to know from others, their advice.
Thanks in advance
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Have your doctors discovered the cause of your palpitation symptoms?  Your doctors may need to determine what rhythm you're in when you have symptoms.  Have you considered an event monitor?  It monitors your heart's rhythm whenever you activate it during your symptomatic episodes.  Armed with this information, your doctors can make a more accurate assessment of the causes of your symptoms.
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It was originally a stress test that diagnosed me with av block type 'll with a suggestion of svt. Later from holter report another cardiologist dismissed the block and said it was atrial tachycardia. Previously I had avnrt.
I'm totally gutted that the ep study failed to show anything. Does that mean it doesn't exist?
I'm a keen sports person who now hasn't exercised for nine months due to feeling so bad. I don't want to go down the medication route as I always seem to suffer adverse side effects.
The consultant also said that my heart rate is slow at night so would have to be careful if putting me on medication to allow the rate down.
Is there any other alternative? Second opinion on the heart block that was dismissed?
Than you for your time
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