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New Forum Layout

Anyone know why older threads keep showing up at the top?  Is that happening everytime someone posts a new comment on a thread?  Its confusing to me.  Can't keep track of what threads I've looked at!!
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Hi!!  Hope you are doing great these days!!

If you go to "my settings" there are two choices for the order in which the posts occur.  You can choose to have them by initial post date, or more current post....Hope that helps : 0

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Anyone else having trouble with the little profile boxes scattered across the page now? This is something new and often the boxes block the title of the thread or at the very least they block the date of the responses. I don't need to see silhouettes and ages and locations of posters. If I knew how to get them off the page, I would.
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Just keep your cursor away from posters names and their profiles won't show.

I actually like the new format, especially being able to read the entire thread while composing a comment.  Previously, I used to forget exactly what was said/asked by others.

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Yeah, I've noticed things going a little wonky here and there, but mostly it works itself out.  I suspect it's because they've been making changes to the forums :)
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I like the profile boxes... it's nice to put a face with the names of all the friends here on this forum that help me out so much.  Thanks all!
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Actually, the boxes are there when I first come to the site. I don't have to pick a name to have them appear. And Momto3 mentioned going to my settings. I don't see that on the page at all. Plus...(complain, complain)....it takes much longer to load things up, even waiting to read a msg. But I agree with you that I like having the messages on the same page as the comment box.
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I'm with you - I like the profile boxes.  Nice to see more info about those who help so much.
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