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New shot for stress test

Has anyone had the stress test with the new shot they use, last time I had it, the shot made my heart race, they had to give me another shot to bring it back to normal, they told me yesterday they no longer use the shot that makes your heart race,   Would like to hear from anyone who's had the new shot and what you felt, thank you
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did you walk the treadmill or get the shot to stress your heart and if you got the shot how did it make you feel. last time I had it done it made heart race but this new since I had it in 2009
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My last stress test I had to leave for 2 hours, consume a fatty lunch and then return. They also gave me nitro at that time so the images would reveal my condition with the arteries fully dilated. I don' t think the medication time affects the number of scans. The idea is to have one scan with the heart stressed, and one with it relaxed. Then they can compare the two and see if any muscle is irreversibly damaged.
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so it just made you feel warm?  now was that the shot they give you at start to stress your heart so they can see what happens when heart stressed.. good on less pictures. do they still make you take pics leave for two hours come back do more pic?
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Yes, I have had five stress tests over the years since 1990.  The last was a few years ago, and the had changed from the Thallium to a new one.  They told me that I would feel warm,  and I did. The instrumentation has gotten smaller as well as the quality of the pictures.  I sensed no increase in the heart rate, but I know anxiety accompanies your thoughts during many tests.  The worse for me was a sonogram of my testicles.  I would apprise the physician and technician of your concerns.
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