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Newborn asd

My baby boy was born on sep 4th with preauricular tags so dr suggested us for echo n der we found 3mm os asd with mildly dilated ra/rv ..our pediatric dr told nt to wry n repeat echo after 6mnths as it s likely going to close naturally...can u plz tell me will it close naturally? He s asymptomatic he s gaining weight also ...so anyone plz reply
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3 mm is small... but I would get a second opinion bc his ra & rv are enlarged.  

Yes, it is possible for the asd to heal on its own being small.

But I would seek a second opinion from a non biased ( differant institution) source.
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Thank u for responding... Dr told us In newborns der LL b some dilation of right side as the right side s more dominant in fetus...
Had echo at 5 n half months old for my baby ...size of asd reduced from 3mm to 2.2mm and no dilation
Is anyone recommended an mri?  To get a more accurate measurement?
No consulted pediatric cardiologist ...she told by 2yrs it LL close no need to wry...all other things r fn ....no hrt enlargement r dilation
So she wont even do an echo until 2 y/o?
At 1.5yrs we may consult dr as she told not to do echo frequently
Good luck!  Keep us all posted ;)
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You’re wasting money on a second opinion in my opinion.

Just wait for the heart to grow a bit and reevaluate it.
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Ya thank u ...waiting for d day to do echo after completing 6months for him ...
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