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Normal Echocardiogram

good day I'm Iris and I had a RHD. I want to ask, what is the deffirent of Rheumatic Heart Disease to Rheumatic Fever? and what is good foof for the RHD? is there any possible to heal my disease? what is the normal echocardiogram? and what is EF, FS, LVEDD, LVESD, and LA? what is the normal of those?
mine is EF= 61%
           FS= 33%
           LVEDD= 4.7cm
           LVESD= 3.1cm
           LA= 3.3cm
I'm waiting for your answer.
THANK YOU for answering
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the rheumatic fever is caused by patogens (bacteria, fungi, virus), when they enter the bloodstream thus becoming systemic and attach to the inner part of the heart (endocardium, hearth valves). the dammage to the heart tissue can be done by the patogen and/or the immune system, trying to combat the patogen. when the innitial bacterial/fungi/virus infection is not treated and become systemic it can enter the heart, causing potencial damage to the heart tissue if not treated quickly and properly.
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Hi, well rheumatic fever is the disease while rheumatic heart disease is a symptom from it. It usually affects the valves but it can take years after the disease has been erradicated to show the problems it caused.
EF- ejection fraction. So if your left ventricle holds 100ml of blood and with each beat it ejects 50ml of blood, your EF would be 50%. Normal is around 55-70%. FS- is fractional shortening which I believe is the difference between the diastolic and systolic dimensions. Anything above 25% is normal. LVEDD- Left ventricle end diastolic dimension, normal is 36-56mm or 3.6-5.6cm. LVESD-Left ventricle end systolic dimension where 2-4cm is normal. LA-Left atrium dimension normal is 2.4cm - 4cm is normal.
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