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Normal sys./dia. and pulse vs. when to worry.

Been having some issues again with BP/HR issues for the last few weeks.  Going to keep this simple without a ton of details.  

My question is when do you worry about having to see a doctor:

What is the range that is dangerouse for each in which you would need to be seen?

Thank you in advance;  Amy.  
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Hi Amy,

The medical community now believes that bp should be less than 120/80. Ten percent higher was classified as pre-hypertension, and not viewed as a condition to be treated or any concern.  I would be concerned if bp is higher than 120/80.

And heart rate between 60 and 100 is the normal reference.  When I was in heart failure mode my hr stayed around 115 bpm.

Lower bp is considered favorable to prevent CAD.  If the systole pressure spikes in the 200 range,  there begins to be serious concern about a stroke.  
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Sorry for getting back so late.  
My resting rate was running between 154/103 w/ a 112 HR to 179/105 w/ a 122 HR for a week or so.  Giving me issues w/ my vision going in and out at times and alot of sunken type pressure along w/ sharp pains.  Some times were a little scary; but, I've had this before.  My main concern I had was, when is it was actually an emergency.

Probably just due to all the snow shoveling.  I think it took it's toll on me, and now it just has to settle down.  It's now running around 152/100 91 HR so it's starting to slow down.  

Supposed to get some more snow at the end of the week.  I  hope it's not much.   Can't take the shoveling I guess.

Thank you so much my dear friend.  I hope all is well with you.  
((((HUGS))))  Amy.
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Now that the symptoms are over, it may not be an emergency, but you should see a cardiologist to evaluate and insure there hasn't been residual effects that may cause a future problem or another episode.  Take care of yourself, we need around for years to come!:)

I'm well, thanks.  Ken
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Sys is 136 dia 90pulse 107
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Sys121 dia 76 and pul 79
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The range is 180 or more for the SYS and 120 or more for the DIA this is when you should visit a doctor or call 911 immediately. Hope this helps you.
Your welcome in advance, Saphra Tobias.
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