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Norvasc and Edema?

I have been taking this med for HBP for awhile and have had problems.  Dr assured me it was the meds and it would go away.  It did for awhile and now it is back.  Is there something better to take that does not cause these kind of effects?
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Thanks for your input.  I've made a DR appt.  I'm too young for this. :)
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Like all drugs - some people can take them, and some can not take them !  
Norvasc is a combo drug - iv tryed it twice and hated it both times !  had adverse side effects from it.. and got very sick from it !  
Seems you got the normal b/s story from your Doctor , the side effects will stop or fade
keep taking it .. ( he hopes)  the side effect wont ever stop !  or fade - if you have them

I would go back to the Doctor and tell him - its not working -I dont like it ! and I want to try a diffrent medication - simple as that !!   after all your paying him for a service !  
and we have to trust them with our lifes !  

there are meny diffrent brands and types of b.p medications aval - if your in a hmo or ppo plan your doctor maybe limited ,to what he can or cant give you for b.p.

good luck  boogernose
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