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Obese with low heart rate

I am an obese 33 year old woman. My heart rate changes through the day anywhere from 64bpm to 96bpm but mostly stays around 76bpm. But when I get up in the morning and most the morning my heart rate is around 64-68 bpm. I think that's pretty low for someone whos obese. Does this mean I have a blockage?  I am worried theres a blackage because I have a low pulse rate. Is it normal for someone of my size to have a bpm of 64? I don't not get any exercise.
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We have no idea "how" overweight you are, but any amount should be addressed to get to a healthy weight.

As for your hear rate, the numbers look good to me, they are not low.  On the other hand, if you are shot of breath or dizzy then your HR is too low or the oxygen saturation level is too low (these are just guesses... you have to see a doctor to get hands-on testing), or perhaps you blood pressure is also low  What is your blood pressure?  Overweight usually means high blood pressure.

Get some exercise and watch you food intake, get moving toward your healthy weight, and you'll feel better even if your HR stays the same.
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My bp is usually around 115/70
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