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Obese with low heart rate

Hello I am a 33 year old female. I am 5'8" and weight 260 pounds. Lately my resting heart rate has been around 64-68bpm. Its goes up and down through the day sometimes going as high as 125bpm after running up the stairs. I do not get much exercise. Just a few weeks ago my resting heart rate seemed to be around 76-82bpm. What I am wondering is does it mean I have a blockage if my rate is 64bpm or could it also be normal? I see me doctor next week but am a little anxious about it in the mean time.
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Your heart rate is within normal limits and rises appropriately with exercise.  Unless you develop new symptoms such as lightheadedness, worsening shortness of breath, chest pressure, I would not worry about it.  Mention it to your doctor and maybe have an ECG to make sure it is a normal rhythm.  Hope this helps!
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I'm pretty sure anything between 60-100 is perfectly normal.  My cardiologist would even go as far as saying anything between 45-110 is normal if you're not experiencing symptoms.  If your heart is structurally sound (have you had an echo?), and if your heart rate raises appropriately with activity, I don't think you have a problem.
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Mine resting can go below  50, no lower than 45 though. normal for me is 55-62 unless I am doing exercise of some sort. Has been that low since I started seeing Drs. 40 years ago, I am 72 and still have this low H/R.

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