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Omega 3 oils

Question : I have been on Omega 3 fish oil pills for about 4 years now, I take 3 to 6 pills per day. I had high Cholesterol readings- good and bad over the years ( dont ask what they were! I dont remember) Since iv been on the Omega 3 pills daily, my Cholesterol levels have dropped to normal
for the good and came up on the bad to normal readings. Im on b.p meds toprol and diovan daily as well and iv taken meny types of chemical cholesterol lowering drugs before , but only had adverse side effects from them and got off them, due to that !  
Now I went into see a new hmo doctor at a top location (rated no#1 in california) for care and services
and Doctors.  I had my cholesterol tested again - again levels near normal both good and bad.. when I asked the Doctor, It must be due to the Omega 3 pills , he said No way! they dont work ! no Omega 3 oil works on cholesterol lowering. I found this to be untrue with me ?  does anyone know
if the omega  3 oils work , as I know they are good for the heart and body !  
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Thank you for the good Info,  Im looking into the Gissi trial report , and also one other
report on this subject.   I find it odd, that Doctors put people on beta blockers , that have been shown to raise Cholesterol levels almost overnight.  

the funny thing is this, iv been on Res Q 1250 and since my Cholesterol has dropped to near normal levels (no joke! ) both good and bad have gone near normal while taking this product.   I guess the good part is, I feel better when taking it.  

but its worth looking into.  wonder why the cholesterol theory is scienifically untenable
sounds to me like, big brother or maybe the drug companys . ha ??

Thank you for all info , boogernose
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nice moniker.

Hmmmm. You are thanking yourself.  Did you forget which identity you were using?  Why do I think you are promoting a nostrum?
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I just started taking fish oil suppliments on the off chance they may help things in the long run. Its encouraging to read your post.
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I like the moniker - whats it to you ?  Im not promoting anything, but if it works good why not tell all !
it could help someone, it helped me.    and the res q products are 100% pure. unlike other oils.

plus I dont like taking chemical cholesterol lowering pills, that cause more harm than good.  

thanks rcthomp :  
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You say you do not remember how high your cholesterol was.  If it was not very high then the natural stuff etc can help you.  However, if you have numbers over 300 the natural stuff will not help you very much.  I tried it for one year, and know what I am talking about.

Some people cannot take statins, some of them can.  Some people cannot take aspirins, some of them can.  Some people cannot take certain vitamins because it makes them sick, some people can.

In my case the statins which I foolishly was so scared of taking did more good than harm.  It depends on the person.  It also depends how you take it.  For example I take them after my main meal.  On a full stomach.  I take them every other day to be on the safe side, and my numbers now are wonderful, when taking the natural stuff my numbers dropped only 20 points, not enough when you have an LDL of 231.

Unfortunately on the Internet you only read the horror stories people are posting, stuff I read and it scared the hell out of me.  Unfurtunately we do not hear the stories of people who have absolutely no side effects after taking statins for years.  You can also read horror stories people had from taking aspirins.  There are horror stories out there posted by people who take "cinnamon" believe it or not.

Besides statins are an anti inflammatory, that is good news for me, it also thins your blood, more good news for me.  If I had side effects I would not keep taking them.  But at least I finally gave it a try, finally 4 yrs ago.

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I agree what your saying about some people can take Statins and some can not take them !  
however the people I meet , and met in hospitals and wating rooms - have problems with them ..
very few people like Statins.   and the same goes for b.p meds.  Hey if you can take them and feel good and safe.. God Bless You then.   Yeah my Cholesterol was under 300 way under.. and still is
about the only problem with omega 3 oils (fish oil) pills is, they are big and after a while most people burp up the fish taste.. or have a after taste going on.. it isnt nice !  

I would bet you 10 to 1 - that you wont hear any stories of people who like Statins.. and have no side effects.. if its chemicals  man made.  side effects will happen !  no way around it ..

Did you ever see someone talking  How they love the side effects they have ?  or cant wait to have one happen !   Oh I look forword to having a back pain or cramp.. and dizznyness  .. love that stuff !
LoL..  How about that chest pain , couldnt live without it !   ..  

Yeah I tryed Statins a few times.. always knocked me down , worst junk I ever took !  
some worked , and some didnt  ..  Lets see a man made drug , that has no side effects .. now that would sell !!

thanks for talking barbarella .. you made some very interesting views and points !   boogernose
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