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Ongoing Palpitations

I have a few questions about ongoing palpitations and trying to understand the etiology of them. In particular, PAC's. I delevoped these PAC's this past fall. They come and go and can get quite frequent at times. I have seen a cardiologist (an EP doc) and had an event monitor, bloodwork, and an echo stress test. The PAC's were determined basically benign. But I feel anything but "benign" when they pop up. I'll admit that there is  some anxiety involved when they do occur but otherwise I do not have any issues with anxiety.
Could the palpitations be at all related to Epstein Barr virus?
I tested positive with "recent primary infection" after looking into a possible case of Mono and ongoing fatigue last May.
How and why are PAC's hormonally related to women? The EP doc indicated that he sees a lot of menopausal women with PAC's. I am not menopausal but I am 34 and just recently completely stopped breastfeeding. The PAC's seem to be related to my monthly cycle. But I have never experienced anything like this in the 20 years of having menstrual cycles so why now?
Also, I am told over and over that people have these all the time and I probably have too and I am just more aware of them now. There is NO WAY that I just "became aware" of these PAC's. I am not doubting that I ever have had them but I guarentee that I have never had them like now.
When I get the flare ups of PAC's, it is not just the "skipped beat" feeling that concerns me. I also feel very fatigued, dizzy, and discomfort in my chest area. I get sort of an "aura" and can tell they're coming. What is this?
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This is the first time I've ever seen the "aura" discussed, I get it too.  It is very hard to define, but definately there.  It's like I know when they are coming, but it's not just a physical awareness or a mental one, a bit of both.  

I also cannot lie on my left side.  It isn't a pain thing with me either, but very uncomfortable, unsettling?  A lot of these things are hard to define arn't they?

Anyway, always good to know one isn't alone in all of this.  I am a 36 year old female, and my PVC's where diagnosed 2 years ago after the birth of my third child.  I'm convinced my pregnancy had something to do with it.

Take care
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I definitely can relate to the "aura" it is like you wake up one morning and just know that this feeling you have over you is a feeling associated with PVC/PAC activity to come on soon. It is a feeling of foreboding that you will have some that day say, even for quite a awhile before they actually occur. other times it can occur within minutes or seconds of actually feeling the PVC or PAC.

There is no extra beats. They are premature atrial or ventricular contractions. they are no extra or skipped beats, that is just general term that is used, only premature beats results in a small amount of filling and thus the following beat is much harder because of the extra volume of blood pumped out, surprisingly the beat that you feel is actually the normal beat , just with more force and blood volume.

I can aslo relate to this" buzzing " feeling chest your chest, that has no relation to the pulse or is not shown on ECG . I agree with Arthur that is probably electrical impulses firing  that never reaches the cardiac tissue to actually effect the heartbeat and I guess it is a good thing it doesn't, because it is so rapid it feels like a buzzing or humming, more than a fluttering.

I suspect persons that have this is probably more susceptible to A-fib, PVCs, PACs and other irregularities of the heartbeat.

Of course this is just my personal opinion and should not be taken as facts, at the end of the day who really knows??

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Thanks for the information about your condition and your meds. It's provided some helpful, additional insight. Hope you'll have a complete recovery. Please keep the "message board" posted on your progress.

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Hello, I am a 33 year old woman.  I developed pac's and pvc's 7 years ago after having my son.  It actually came about one year after having him.  They are just about the most horrible feelings I can think of, and there are different "types" of the skipped beats with me.  I really hate the hard thumps that take your breath away, and the ones that do 3 or 4 in a row.  Sometimes while they are doing it, it feels as if my heart actually rolls around in there. Strange feeling.
Mine always are worse 3 to 7 days before my period begins. I too can "sense" when they are about to happen, even up to hours beforehand.  Sometimes I sit and cry when I have them, you would think that after 7 years I would realize that it isn't going to kill me, but in the back of my mine is that "what if...".
I did some research and was told by a few Dr.'s that these indeed can be hormonal, and sometimes get corrected when we correct our hormones.  This certainly isn't true for everyone, because as the Dr.'s say, many humans have this benign condition and neither realize it nor is there anything wrong with their heart. I however believe it is hormonal in my case.  I developed many symptoms after having my son; asthma, sinusitis, bronchitis, acne, pms, mood swings, low resistence to infections, weight loss, headaches, low sex drive, etc. which can all be contributed to my hormones being off.  I am going in next week to get tested on them and see if I can't get mine figured out.  Worth a shot anyways, huh?
Magnesium has really helped the number of my pvc/pacs, except during my periods.  Nothing takes them away than. But it's worth trying that too.  Stress is a major factor.  Lack of sleep also.  It even seems that if you dwell on the pacs, you even give yourself one.  I am glad that we have a place like this that we can come to and share our experiences and hear others, doesn't make me feel quite so "alone".
Thanks for letting me ramble on my problems, I hope that someday we can all find a cure for this horrible nuisance.  Michelle
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Hi, I'm a 30 year-old male that started having PACs last May.  Just wanted to chime in on this "aura" business, because I feel it too.  It's indescribable, but definitely there.  I get them about 2-4 seconds before a PAC, and just know one is coming.  I start thinking "Oh no, oh no, oh no" and then 'zap' the PAC and then the dreaded pause before the normal beat.  I have also had something interesting happen since May and wonder if any of you have it (preferably males as there are no monthly hormonal changes).  Since these started, I have them for about 3 months, then they go away for 2-3 weeks and then start back.  This is my first time on this board since 3 weeks ago because they inexplicably stopped.  Then 3 days ago, they started back.  Gradually at first, like 2/hour on the first day, 2/minute the second, then 10/minute today.  They have followed this start/stop pattern 3 times since last May, and I can't for the life of me figure out what I'm doing different to make them stop, nor do I know what I'm doing to make them start back.  I'm not on any medication (took Beta-Blocker in May, but they didn't help) and don't have any kind of anxiety disorder.
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This all started with me after my third child as well. It has to be hormonally related or definitely some sort of chemical imbalance. It is amazing to me that they know so little about the "why" of these palpitations when they are legitimate and so many suffer. I recently had some hormone testing. Not just the female hormones but other such as cortisol, acth ect. Female hormones are definitely hard to track with one blood test as they fluctuate throughout the day everyday. A better test for these are a 28 day saliva test. Usually alternative MD's are more open to this type of thing. In fact, for things that traditional doctors just cannot find answers for and label as "stressed" or "anxious", Alternative doctors (MD or DO)have a different approach and help a lot of people. Especially with your group of symptoms Micheller. It sounds like you've been suffering for awhile. Has your doctor found anything or any explanation for all of that?  

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