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Ongoing Palpitations

I have a few questions about ongoing palpitations and trying to understand the etiology of them. In particular, PAC's. I delevoped these PAC's this past fall. They come and go and can get quite frequent at times. I have seen a cardiologist (an EP doc) and had an event monitor, bloodwork, and an echo stress test. The PAC's were determined basically benign. But I feel anything but "benign" when they pop up. I'll admit that there is  some anxiety involved when they do occur but otherwise I do not have any issues with anxiety.
Could the palpitations be at all related to Epstein Barr virus?
I tested positive with "recent primary infection" after looking into a possible case of Mono and ongoing fatigue last May.
How and why are PAC's hormonally related to women? The EP doc indicated that he sees a lot of menopausal women with PAC's. I am not menopausal but I am 34 and just recently completely stopped breastfeeding. The PAC's seem to be related to my monthly cycle. But I have never experienced anything like this in the 20 years of having menstrual cycles so why now?
Also, I am told over and over that people have these all the time and I probably have too and I am just more aware of them now. There is NO WAY that I just "became aware" of these PAC's. I am not doubting that I ever have had them but I guarentee that I have never had them like now.
When I get the flare ups of PAC's, it is not just the "skipped beat" feeling that concerns me. I also feel very fatigued, dizzy, and discomfort in my chest area. I get sort of an "aura" and can tell they're coming. What is this?
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Skipped beats were and are still a nightmare for me.  I started to have them many years ago.  I found out that the more I worry about them the longer they will  last.  Magnesium pills have helped me some.  At times I had these skipped beats so bad they would come after a meal, during my exercise walks, after my walks.  I had them so bad that almost every beat was a skipped beat.  Beta blockers helped very little and slowed my heartbeat down to 30 beats a minute.  Was taken off Beta Blockers.  Cardio said "don't worry about these skipped beats, let them skip you will not die from it", this helped me some, and I am better now, but still afraid to go on long airplane rides or on long distance travel by car out of fear that these skipped beats will start again .   I don't mind a skip now and then, but this constantly skipping ruined my life.  Thank god there are better now.  Knock on wood.
P.S. for you ladies in menopause, I read somewhere that these skipped beats can also be caused by hormonal changes, and it is called a "vasomotor instability" I think that is what its called, and I read that this vasomotor instability which is in the brain also brings out the hot flashes in some women.  The way I understood it was that some women get the hot flashes, and others get these skipped beats during menopause from this vasomotor thing.
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Hi, What a great room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Im 29, well 30 in a couple of days (oops there goes a beat lol)
I have been getting the feeling of a skipped beat and its really hard to disc. I went to the GP and they took bloods and an ECG which were all "normal" They tell me that these are normal and that not to worry...yeah right!
What would you guys suggest would be the best thing to do when I feel them coming on, I'm sure you know the feeling that I mean...

I get them then i worry then my pulse rate goes up so then I'm looking out for them and so on and so on. I see that you guys are on meds, my GP said that they will not issue any??

Any help would be great, thanks
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I am a fit 23 year old girl with no previous medical problems.I have experienced these skipped heartbeats and have had an ECG scan which proved to me that I have nothing to worry about and that they are just due to Sinus Arrhythmia. I am told that this is typical of fit, healthy people though this isn't much of a comfort to me when I am experiencing what feels like three beats at a time, followed by a pause and then a really hard beat for hours on end. I was sent home with no information and as I don't understand what Sinus Arrythmia is I feel no better in my own mind. I am quite shocked to see how many of you have been prescribed drugs such as Beta-Blockers, though the fact that you have extra tests and even stress tests sounds like a good way to put your minds at rest. I found that the discipline of doing yoga every day helped me greatly, but don't give up as now I have stopped my palpitations are back in full effect! The fact that your doctors are prescribing drugs rather than suggesting de-stressing to me seems like scare mongering, but I can understand some people need this to lead a normal life. Just ask yourself would you cope if it wasn't offered to you in the first place? Does anyone agree?

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