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PACs and PVCs are fatal and life threatning !!

now every thing is showing obviuos aspect ..
would u tell me why all Drs are just not saying the truth ..
they just say (ohh PACs are very common .. dont worry aboout them .. just try to live with them .. dont even worry if  have dosens of them .. it is just some thing that would never harm u )
and now .. i have known that .. PACs can trigger atrial fibrillation.. and atrial fibrilllation can got u a blod clot which can lodge in ur retinal artery making u permanent blind .. or in ur brain and making u a cadiver ..
other thing , as PACs trigger atrial fibrillation .. so PVCs can trigger ventricular fibrillation which means u are dead person ..
so why shouldnt i be frightened from those PAC and PVC s ?!!!
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Hello gaaz,

Wow, that is quite a statement.  After just having watched "A Few Good Men," I am tempted to respond to your first statement:
Would u tell me why all Drs are just not saying the truth ..


"Because you can't handle the truth" -- but I am afraid people might not think it is too funny.

We try to be very candid on this website to answer question -- there is no secondary gain for us not to tell the truth.

It is true that the PACs/PVCs can initiate atrial tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, atrial flutter, AVNRT, ventricular tachycardia, ventricular fibrillation, etc.  We tell you that PAC/PVCs are benign because the over whelming majority of people that have PACs/PVCs, do not have any of the above arrhythmias. If we do a holter on virtually anyone, they will have PACs/PVCs and the incidence of arrhythmias in the general population is very low -- with the possible exception of atrial fibrillation in elderly patients.

Just because you have a common problem (PACs/PVCs), it does not mean that you are going to develop a less common problem (atrial fibrillation) and have the worst known complications from it.
Atrial fibrillation is not a benign condition and requires appropriate risk stratification and treatment-- but you if you only have PACs, I would advise you not to worry about problems that you don't already have.

The incidence of sudden cardiac death in the US is about 300,000 cases per year and the US population is over 300,000,000.  Most cases of SCD are related to coronary artery disease.  Extremely rare cases of PVCs will cause ventricular fibrillation -- these are all case reports or case series.  I cannot over emphasize that these are EXTREMELY rare cases.  I would also like to caution you about reading too much information.  Trust me when I say that medicine is a very complicated field and you have to understand a lot about the field to truly understand the issues.  Many people scare themselves to death reading about complications, when their risks of having the complications is very low, sometimes even close to zero.

I am sorry that you are scared of the PVCs/PACs, but they are not life threatening.  If you develop atrial fibrillation, we would recommend additional treatments and if you had VF from a PVC, we would certainly recommend more aggressive measures.  The standard of care for PACs/PVCs is a beta blocker therapy for symptoms and reserving invasive procedures for extremely symptomatic people with a high likelihood of cure.

If you feel you cannot trust your doctor, you should seek a second opinion.  If you do not trust all doctors, I am not sure what to tell you for that.

I hate to reuse quotes, but this is one of my favorites:

When I look back on all these worries, I remember the story of the old man who said on his deathbed that he had had a lot of trouble in his life, most of which had never happened.
Winston Churchill

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The heart is a complex organ and has back up modes , it just doesn't fail or go into a deadly rhythm that easy, increased or complex PVC activity can be a harbinger of more serious ventricular arrhythmias in persons with certain "cardiac" syndromes, coronary heart disease or other significant structural abnormalities,  a scar , or some other reentry circuit in the ventricle is usually needed to support the heart going into such a deadly rhythm. Remember PVCs can trigger a-fib also. Be careful what you read on the net or otherwise, most of it does not apply to ordinary individual that suffers with PVCs.Please note I'm not a medical doctor, but this has been explained to me by some the best EPs and cardiologist in the medical field.
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its not that simple. You cannot jsut assume because of pac can trigger AFIB that it can trigger VFIB. Im gonna have to strongly suggest to you that you dont ever post a headline like that again, as you probably scared the living daylights out of some of the patients here.You are not a physician and have no place telling people things like htat. Physicians have ways to counteract the bloodclots you can get from afib. pvc and afib are not intertwined, one can aggrivate the other, just like caffeine or sugar can, and these are not fatal either. There are many MANY people here trying to get a question into this forum with serious medical questions, please keep this in mind next time you try to post.
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A question is a question...in this case, from a frightened individual with concerns regarding arrhythmias.  Sounds legitimate to me.
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sorry, meant to ad to my last post.. Questions are legitament. Accusing all physicians of being liars is not. I find that offensive.
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Information out there is frightening and can be misleading and many many are confused, while others have the ability not to lose control or get scared, others are not so easily persuaded and are crippled by fear. What means so much to someone, means nothing to others, not only with medical issues but the more common and sometime complex issues that life brings.
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I completely agree, and you are absolutely correct in saying thaqt, but i personally do not believe that being afraid allows a person to act in any demenior they please. I found the misrepresntation of information alarming, and the accusation and mocking of physicians very offensive.
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I am sorry that you are suffering from such intense anxiety.  May I ask how many palps you are suffering from daily?  Please try to hang in there.
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Hey...Happy New Year to you too.
How did your ablation go?  I caught a little on the alternate site, but haven't really followed up.  -Arthur
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This i must say is a very frightening thread.  You must understand Gazz that as collegegirl and everyone else has said that by law the Doctors are not allowed to lie to you.  You must trust them.  There will many other people living with pac's and pvc's and also reading this thread - people who maybe trying to come to terms with their condition - and a post like this will only do more harm than good - for you also.  I can't fully comprehend what your point is - but you have to have faith.  read the archives, and maybe you will understand that we are all scared by these - and only with time will you come to accept them for what they are - in a normal heart totally benign.
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Hi There,

It's obvious you're frightened and upset.  I too have pac's and pvc's and also tachycardia issues.  They come on whenever they want, even when exercising.  I have been to 4 reputable cardiologists and an EP doctor.  They all look at my monitoring strips, echos, stress tests, nuclear stress tests and cardiac CT and say the same thing...these heart skips are merely a nuisance when your heart is structurally normal.  It's just like tickertock said...be careful what you read on the internet.  A lot of those studies/articles have a controlled study group with previous cardiac issues.  I freaked myself out months ago when I read a study that showed something concerning tachycardia/ventricular tachycardia and then I read the section that clearly said these patients had all had previous heart attacks!  Kind of an important bit of information huh?  Coronary artery disease, previous heart attacks or scars can are all reasons why pac's and pvc's would seem more ominous.

I'm sure the forum doctor will assure you with what many of us all here have been told by our own doctors too.  It's hard to accept that these weird sensations aren't a precursor to something horrible.  I completely understand your frustration.  I used to think I was the one case where pac's and pvc's meant certain death!  The good news is that there are many, many people out there that have had these heart skips for 20-30 years and they're still alive and kicking.  Keeping your fears at bay is a hard lesson to learn but definitely needs to dealt with, I know this first hand.  Know that you're in good company.  Best wishes (:
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sorry you feel that way arthur, personally i saw one question that has been answered at least 5 times on this page alone, and a large rant that would have been much more appropriate some place else. Every individual has the right to ask questions about their health, but i do infact,strongly urge people with no medical backround not to make assumptions in a public forum filled with suffering people, that are untrue or lack explanation, and can be very scary :) Its much better to post concerns in the form of questions than a presumed fact. For future reference, rather than saying "pvc's are deadly because they can cause afib which can cause bloodclots" Ask a question about how a physician manages this risk.. Instead of assuming because a pvc can lead to afib, it can also lead to vfib, ask that question, and find out before you state that as fact. it is a MUCH more contructive way of handling your fears.
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