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PAC's are ruining my life!

PAC's are ruining my life!  I can not figure out a way to blow off a run of skips that cause me to stop in my tracks!  And I have noticed that many people do not feel any pain with theres -- well I do.  Sometimes mine feel like a kick in the chest, a flutter, a skip OR a painful grip that scares the #% out of me!!  SO I am wondering ---

1) Do electrical problems in your heart lead to other issues?

2) Can missed beats turn in to a heart attack?  Sometime it really feels like it?

3) How do you guys cope with these things? Has anyone overcome them?

Thanks for letting me rant.  Glad I found this site as my doc just says "dont worry be happy" basically!  
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why do you not do what the doc says?  enjoy!  PACs/ PVCs can lead to SERIOUS nervous problems, as documented on this very forum.  be careful.
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Welcome back surfgirl !!!!!:)
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I haven't overcome them... in fact I'm having a whole bunch today.  However, I've made a lot of progress in learning to live my life despite them.  They still annoy and irritate me, but don't really paralyze me with anxiety like they used to for many years.  Eventually, if you work hard, you may be able to just sort of ignore them.  Or notice them and move on with life.

I'd still prefer they just disappeared of course.

They won't lead to a heart attack.  Occasionally they're a sign of heart disease which can lead to heart attack, but if you've seen a doctor and been checked out, they aren't for you.  Most of the time they're completely benign.
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i want you to know i have had them 23 years , mine come in weeks at a time over 3000 a day and many on here have 10,000 or more a day try and relax when they happen i know how hard that is, are you on a med for them. no they will not cause you to have a heart attack, i have them where they are 6-7 in a row or 67-every min for weeks so try and remember if you have had them checked out by a cardio dr and they say you are ok than go with it , i know its scarey belive me i have lived many years with them and they still scare me , but we have to belive in our dr., and yes if you dont get it under control it will cause you very bad anxiety than it will be much worse. ask your dr for a 30 day heart holtor where when it happens you can push a buttom it records it , you send it in over the phone, they look at it and tell you its ok, that way you will know your ok and can move on. have a great night and think of good things dont think of each heart beat it will make you nutts.
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Not to be a brat here but the PACs will not ruin your life but your reaction to them will. I'm 54 and had PACs, PVCs and tachy all my life. I've also had 3 kids and various jobs, have a demanding and physical job even now (just got home from a 9 hour day). Do I feel my arrhythmias? Sure. Do they cause me to pause sometimes - yes. And yes, I do get the occasional pain. But if they haven't hurt me or killed me by now, I don't think they ever will. You just have to convince yourself that you are NOT going to die from those heart hiccups. My heart is goofy electrically but fine otherwise. So off I go to do what I can and enjoy every moment of it.
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One of the best forum quotes ever: " PACs will not ruin your life but your reaction to them will."  Man ain't that the truth.

I was diagnosed with PACs and PSVT at 16, but I felt them years before that.  I remember being a little kid and listening to my heart with a toy stethescope and I heard what I now know are extra beats.  I remember being fascinated that my heart "beat differently".  

I know they can be scary.  When I was diagnosed with PACs and PSVT in my teens, I couldn't believe that anything other than perfect sinus rhythm wasn't dangerous, and I let the fear totally take control.  That's why I like ireneo's statement so much, because it is so true.  It's not what is happening, but how we react to it.

You can overcome your fear of this.  The PACs, well, they may or may not go away.  The one thing you CAN have control of is how you let them affect you.  Read up on PACs here on the forum and hang in there.  You will, really, be okay.
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Ireneo, I agree with anacyde.  That's such a good way of putting it.  That's exactly right.
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