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PET Cardiac Scan and Echo

I recently had a PET Scan and an Echo but both are confusing.  They said they haven't seen anyone like me before. They said that my sternum is caved in some which is putting pressure on my heart, causing my heart to reposition. It made the PET scan difficult to read accurately.

The PET says:  Decreased perfusion to the apical area due to patients chest wall deformity.  LVEF is 78% in the resting images and 85% in the stress images and shows mild pectus excavatum with cardiac compression and displacement.

The Echo says:  The left ventricular systolic funtion is mildly impaired with, an EF between 40-45%. The following regional wall motion abnormalities include: septal apex-mildly hypokinetic,
The tricuspid valve appears structurally normal. Trace/Mild (physiologic) regurgitation.

Could you please explain what this actually means from what the results say?
Thank you.
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